SPNI - Case Study

Mar 29, 2014 - by admin

Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel

The Beracha Foundation hired SASC to hone SPNI’s fundraising apparatus. The organizations, one of Israel’s oldest and most venerable, had been facing enormous fundraising challenges for years.

First, I recruited the Director of the Recanati International School at Herzliyah Interdisciplinary Center to head the department. After that, we hired a four-man team to focus on research, grant writing and donor relations. Once the team was in place, I worked with Yitzhak Shavit z”l, then the Senior Vice President of JFNA, to develop a $35 million capital campaign to establish Israel as one of the first nations in the world that provided a national infrastructure for green tourism. I also got JFNA to agree to promote SPNI tours to all the Federations in the US.

At the end of the day, we had built a strong fundraising department, created branding for the organization, identified major giving opportunities and created a series of high-level brochures for each one, built the international connections they would need to exponentially reach out to new audiences, identified hundreds of potential new donors, got a solid commitment from JFNA to bring in major donors and pushed the SPNI boat on its merry way.